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Home Theatre

Home Theatre

Unfriendly theatre room - no two seaters!

What is home theatre?
Home theatre is the "true to original" reproduction of the video and audio program material in the viewers home.  The reproduction should clearly communicate all the feeling and subtleties that the director intended. 

This "true to original" reproduction is achieved by the correct selection of source equipment, program material, and careful choices in processor, amplifier, display and speaker chain equipment, followed by room and equipment calibration.

Why do I need it?
Home theatre or Home Cinema is commonly used for entertainment of the family watching free to air, satellite or pre-recorded content - usually via DVD or BluRay disk. 

A common reason for installing a home theatre is as a method of keeping children entertained at home where the parents can keep an eye on them.  This type of theatre will usually also be configured for the connection of digital cameras, games consoles and internet connections.



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